PPE Gloves 101 & Covid-19

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With the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, I see WAY TOO MANY people wearing gloves thinking they are protecting themselves. When in all actuality, they are increasing their chances of contaminating not only themselves, but cross [...]

Code 3 Medical Services helping first responders in need.

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With the support of First Responder Fuel and Code 3 Medical Services LLC, the Brotherhood of Heroes Foundation is about to make a Law Enforcement K9 and his handler a little safer with a special medical kit. Looking [...]

Code 3 Medical Services one and only EMRT Class

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Only course like it in North America geared towards industry.  RNR Rescue and Code 3 Medical Services LLC EMRT course aboard the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge. Week 3 of 4 for an industrial [...]

Our client takes 5th in the GRIMP International Rope Rescue Challenge

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Way to go ExxonMobil! Taking 5th place in your first 2019 GRIMP International Rescue Competition AND being the first ever Industrial rescue team is something to be proud of. Great job guys! Proud to [...]

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