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PPE gloves

PPE Gloves 101 & Covid-19

With the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, I see WAY TOO MANY people wearing gloves thinking they are protecting themselves. When in all actuality, they are increasing their chances of contaminating not only themselves, but cross contaminating so many other things which could increase their exposure. So with companies getting back to normal and some “requiring” gloves, we wanted to to a quick video on explaining why that is not a good idea and to show how to properly put them on and take them off safely. There are very specific, yet simple steps that need to be taken and as a first responder who has used gloves tens of thousands of times, who better than Code 3 Medical Services to show you how to do that. Watch and learn so you don’t make the same mistake like so many people we see doing it wrong and for the wrong reasons. Be safe.