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Code 3 Medical Services Main goal is to educate individuals in the industrial, petrochemical, oil, gas, construction and corporate arena where environments dictate that safety is a must.

OSHA Approved Emergency Training For Employees

Professional First Aid, CPR, AED, and EMR medical training by experienced seasoned first responders that currently practice life saving skills on a daily basis. From industrial and petrochemical to the corporate arena we can help your people make a difference in saving lives.

petro  Oil/Gas

The working environment of the oil, gas, and drilling industry present special challenges with injuries due to the dangers related to their specific work atmosphere. In many instances, time is a critical factor due to…

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industrial  Industrial/Petro-Chemical

Industrial environments are essentially small cities with a multitude of abnormal hazards with increased potential for deadly injuries. From rescue to hazmat mitigation, potential life threatening injuries will need…

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corporate-office  Corporate

Office and school facilities often carry special hazards of their own related to the concentration of employees in one general area to abnormal work environments. From cardiac arrest, performance injuries, to work place violence…

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