Lee Vernon – CEO/Owner

Lee has over 27 years as an active first responder/Firefighter/EMT. Having spent the majority of his career at a large metropolitan city where his immediate response area to industrial, manufacturing, warehouse, corporate, and violence prone environments were routine, he has a perspective and knowledge base experienced by few in the industry. The ability to stay calm and focus on solving the problem at hand requires the ability to use ones skill sets in unorthodox applications at times. Injuries, accidents, and situations are always going to vary, so the ability to “think outside the box” becomes imperative in order to buy precious time for those that are injured until professional medical help arrives. For the employee or civilian population, that starts with having the basic knowledge base and medical skills in order to make a positive impact when time is of the essence. Lee believes in having simplistic, thorough, and diverse skill sets that you are proficient at in order to be fully prepared when an emergency arises.

    • Texas Commission on Fire Protection Certified Firefighter
    • Texas Dept of State Health Services Certified EMT
    • Transportation Worker Identification Credential
    • Certified Instructor/Instructor Trainer/Regional Training Center for:
      • Emergency Medical Response
      • Advanced First Aid
      • Basic First Aid
      • CPR
      • AED
      • Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid
      • Wilderness First Aid
      • Bloodborne Pathogens
      • Oxygen First Aid for Emergencies
    • CPR- HCP Certified
    • AED Certified
    • Tactical First Aid Instructor
    • TEEX – Firefighting Phase IV
    • TEEX – Fire Service Officer Development I
    • TEEX – Fire Service Officer Development III
    • Wildland Firefighter I & II Certified
    • Rope Rescue Level I & II Certified
    • Confined Space Rescue Level I & II Certified
    • Haz-Mat Awareness
    • OSHA Certified H2S Trainer
    • FEMA NIMS (National Incident Management System) Certifications: IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, IS-704, and IS-800

Dr. Vance Renshaw – Medical Director

Dr. Renshaw received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and his medical degree from Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, Louisiana. Previously, Dr. Renshaw served as the Trauma Liaison for Emergency Medicine at John Peter Smith Hospital in Ft. Worth and as the Facility Medical Director of First Choice Emergency Room’s North Ft. Worth facility. Dr. Renshaw is board-certified in emergency medicine and has over sixteen years experience practicing emergency medicine. Dr. Renshaw will over see Code 3 Medical Services standby services protocols as well as other facets complementing our educational services.

Chris Lester – Training Director

Chris has been active in Emergency Medical Services for more than 12 years, with the majority of his career spent in a large city / county based medical service. This dynamic environment has made him proficient in: urban, farm, ranch, industrial, warehouse, corporate, and mass casualty environments.   He has used this knowledge to train, educate, and supervise for more than 8 years in a constantly changing and often chaotic environment. Chris is also a member of EMTF (Emergency Medical Task Force) where he operates as an Ambus Crew Chief, this state resource is used to triage, treat, and move large numbers of patients during mass casualty events. Chris’s belief is that the first few minutes of an emergency situation, dictates the outcome of the individuals involved; “when trained personnel are immediately available to mitigate an emergency situation, the chances of survival are exponentially increased.”

  • NREMT Paramedic
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor (ACLS-I)
  • Advanced Medical Life Support Instructor (AMLS-I)
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Instructor (PHTLS-I)
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC)
  • Rope Rescue Level I & II Certified
  • Confined Space Rescue Level I & II Certified
  • FEMA NIMS (National Incident Management System) Certificates: IS-100, IS-200, IS-300, IS-700, IS-800

Kenny Vernon – Instructor

Kenny has been in the medical field for the past 20 years. Starting clinically in ICU, CCU, and ER. Kenny moved to fieldwork as an EMT in 2001 then a paramedic in 2002 in areas through out the DFW metroplex. He expanded his career to the fire service in 2003 and advanced his training, specializing in Technical Rescue. In 2004, Kenny helped establish a FEMA supported Citizens Emergency Response Team in the city of Southlake. He has been a part of NEFDA’s Technical Rescue Team since 2006. Over the past 5 years he has shared his medical experience by instructing for Tarrant County College. Through the college, he instructs Paramedic and EMT courses, leads nationally registered accepted continuing education courses, and card certification courses for BLS, ACLS, PHTLS, PALS, PEPP, and AMLS. Kenny has also taught emergency response and survival techniques to the private aviation industry since 2014.

· Associates Degree in Emergency Services

· Texas Department of State Health Services Licensed Paramedic

· Texas Department of State Health Services EMS instructor

· Basic Life Support Instructor (BLS-I)

· Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor (ACLS-I)

· Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support Instructor (PHTLS-I)

· Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor (PALS-I)

· Pediatric Education for Pre-hospital Professionals Instructor PEPP-I

· Advanced Medical Life Support Instructor (AMLS-I)

· Texas Commission of Fire Protection Advanced Fire fighter

· Texas Commission of Fire Protection Driver Operator

· Texas Commission of Fire Protection Fire Service Instructor I

· FEMA C.E.R.T. instructor

· Hazmat Technician

· Structural Collapse Technician Level 2

· Rope Rescue Technician

· Confined Space Technician

· Trench Collapse Technician

· USAR Technical Search Specialist

· Vehicle Rescue Technician

· FEMA NIMS Certifications: IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, IS-704, IS-800