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Providing Professional Industrial Rescue and Safety Services

At RNR Rescue, safety is always a number one priority. Like RNR’s Training Division, our Industrial Rescue, and Safety Services provide a wide range of solutions to today’s ever-changing industrial climate.  Our team members are expertly qualified, most are Professional Firefighters, and are NREMT First Responders or EMT-B with years of experience.

Our Industrial Rescue and Safety Service professionals have the training and knowledge base to provide your employees and facility with an additional safety net regarding multiple components. Whether it is a planned outage, emergency shutdown, the need for an experienced consultant regarding preplans or training requirements, RNR can meet all of your needs.

At RNR Rescue, we understand the complexity of the Permit Required Confined Space (PRCS) entries, Fall-Protection issues, Work-at-Height issues and the OSHA Regulations associated with these operations.

RNR Rescue Team members are trained to NFPA 1006 Level II, NFPA 1670 Technician Rope/Confined Space Rescue standards and meet NFPA 1983 and OSHA 1910.146 regulations to provide a well-qualified, equipped rescue team.

These professionals are skilled in PRCS attendant, entry, and rescue operations. As well as emergency medical care, Incident Command System (ICS), and have a knowledge base to aid your staff in permitting for any PRCS/Fall Protection/Elevated Rescue issues that may arise.

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RNR’s Safety Audit and observation professionals are our experienced crew leaders for our Industrial Rescue teams. Utilizing their skill and knowledge in assisting your facilities’ safety staff during outages or routine maintenance can provide an extra set of eyes on site to aid in audits and observations further helping to prevent potential accidents.

If your site has a rescue team, these specialists can add another level to your team’s capability and provide recommendations and direction if an accident occurs. RNR’s team leaders are well versed in rescue procedures, fall protection, and OSHA Confined Space safety regulations giving you an added level of protection. Additionally, RNR’s crew leaders can supervise and evaluate a contractor’s ability to perform rescue as well as review rescue preplans prior to PRCS entry occurring.

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As stated, RNR employs professional Firefighters and First Responders. This allows us to provide our clients with vigilant crossed trained CS/Fire Watch Attendants. All are trained in the required OSHA responsibilities of a confined space and fire watch attendants and are knowledgeable in the preventive and reactive measures regarding incipient fires, non-entry rescue procedures, and assisting with our IRT team needs associated with Confined space rescues.

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RNR provides consultation and development services for municipal, construction, and industrial clients. Our competent assessors can collaborate in:

Identification of permit required confined spaces
Evaluate or create new rescue preplans for confined spaces
Assessment of your rescue equipment
Evaluation of your training needs based on location

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Emergency Medical Rescue Tactics (EMRT)

20 Hours (2- 10 hour day)

Prerequisite Rope Rescue/Confined Space Rescue Level I or comparable course

This one of a kind course is based on rope and confined space rescue tactics while incorporating emergency medical interventions geared towards municipal fire departments and industrial rescue teams! Students will be challenged with realistic scenarios that focus on the key aspects of rescue techniques and medical interventions needed to sustain, stabilize, and transfer a patient. Students will train on all 6 representative confined space types, rescue from fall protection, and customizable scenarios that will be based on the client’s specific needs. Each rescue scenario will include immediate trauma/medical interventions geared towards patient survival based on current National standards and facility protocols. Created by experienced rescuers, this course not only ensures regulatory compliance, but also focuses on the skill sets needed for the best possible outcome pertaining to rescue and patient care.