• Date: Saturday 6/25/2022 (CANCELED)
  • Time: 9AM-5PM (class starts at 9AM sharp!)
  • Location: R2 Ammo Liberty Hill, TX 78642
  • What to Bring: Note pad/pen

Seating/Class size is limited and spot is only reserved once paid. Registration deadline is 6/20/2022!

Whether you are a business or an individual, many times the only thing that separates a life saved versus a fatality is simply someone taking the proper action to save a life. This class focuses on teaching the civilian population how to treat life threatening emergencies such as major bleeding to cardiac arrest to other various medical emergencies until professional help arrives. This certification class will focus on CPR/AED as well as Stop the Bleed. Students will receive a 2 year certification as we are a nationally accredited teaching facility for civilians to paramedics.

This is a simplified program which is taught to medical professional and rescue teams across the globe that brings simplistic and reality based modalities to the civilian arena. That means you get an immersive reality based hands on learning experience instead of a Power Point focused class. As adult educators, we understand that hands on realistic scenarios engrain muscle memory and a more thorough understanding of the concepts needed to master in order to save a life when seconds count. Code 3 Medical Services specializes in teaching United States military, industrial rescue/medical response teams, and Fire/EMS municipalities across the globe, so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to experience training of this caliber for civilians.

All classes are taught by seasoned and experienced EMS medics that practice these exact skill sets on a daily basis and actually save lives for a living. The career experience from these professional educators is invaluable when it comes to giving you the truth and reality of how things will actually go versus theory. As we say in the field, “theory does not always equate to success”.

Code 3 Medical Services provides all realistic military grade moulage, high tech realistic simulations/scenarios, all expendable training materials, and a digital certification card which is good for 2 years.

Core Concepts Covered:

  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Bandaging & Splinting
  • Trauma & Hemorrhaging 101
  • Hands on practice with tourniquets, pressure bandaging, and other adjuncts
  • Improvised bleeding control options
  • Cardiac Arrest (When seconds count)
  • Realistic scenario’s to combine class room and hands on learning skill sets

Upcoming future classes for 2022:

    • Disaster Preparedness (4hrs)
    • Suturing & Stitches (4hrs)
    • Roadside First Aid Basic (4hrs)
    • Home Prepping 101 (4hrs)
    • Basic First Aid Certification (8hrs)
    • Advanced First Aid Certification (8 hrs)
    • Active Shooter First Aid (8hrs)
    • Wilderness First Aid Certification (8hrs)
    • Emergency Medical Responder Certification (40 hrs)