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Code 3 Medical Services offers medical standby services for the industrial/petrochemical and construction industries. Our experienced and credentialed staff are trained and equipped to respond to any medical or traumatic incidences that may occur onsite. Immediate response to trauma or medical emergencies is critical as local emergency services can have significantly extended response times and may encounter serious access challenges accordant to facility protocols. Our team is dedicated to overcoming complex challenges aimed at protecting lives and promoting the productivity of your employees. Whether it is a planned outage, emergency shutdown, the need for an experienced consultant regarding preplans or training requirements, Code 3 Medical Services can meet all of your standby service needs.

Code 3 Medical Services offers (BLS) Basic Life Support standby services by credentialed experienced first responders under the direction of a dedicated Physician/Medical Director. Our staff of emergency responder professionals are skilled in trauma/medical response, Incident Command System (ICS), workplace safety, and have a knowledge base to aid your facility in meeting OSHA 1910.151 regulations to provide the availability of trained medical personnel for response to medical emergencies and consultation on matters of plant health.

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Code 3 Medical Services offers qualified staff for specialized projects that require onsite safety personnel. Sometimes projects need a second set of eyes and C3MS Safety Audit and observation professionals are our experienced crew leaders for our Medical Standby teams. Utilizing their skill and knowledge in assisting your facilities’ safety staff during outages or routine maintenance can provide an extra set of eyes on site to aid in audits and observations further helping to prevent potential accidents.

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Code 3 Medical Services provides consultation and development services for municipal, construction, and industrial clients in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our consulting and development services can assist clients reduce insurance and workers’ compensation premiums and minimize costs associated with accidents and incidents. Our experienced and accredited staff can collaborate in:

* Health and safety management program development based on pertinent OSHA regulations and standards

* Evaluate or create new rescue preplans for specific work environments

* Assessment of your rescue equipment

* Evaluation of your training needs based on location

* Training to complement the development of in-house health and safety management systems

* Safety program implementation and/or review

* Emergency response plan auditing, evaluation, and drills

* Facility or jobsite audits to maintain worker safety consciousness and support proactive health and safety management systems

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