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Code 3 Medical Services giving back to those in need

Helping those in need

Code 3 Medical Services It’s proud to be a sponsor for the Brotherhood of Heroes Foundation. As first responders ourselves the drive to help our brothers and sisters that still put their boots on and do the work of keeping us safe everyday never ends. The drive to help those when they need it most […]

Back to teaching rescue teams basic life support and first aid

taking patient vitals

Back to another fantastic week of recertifying rescue teams/Emergency Medical Responders in basic life support and first aid/cpr. Reality based training is important as validates a true understanding of skill sets while under pressure mentally and physically. This type of training improves confidence and proficiency while showing individual weaknesses that can be improved on with […]

Code 3 Medical teaching industrial rescue medicine in Montana

immediate medical care

Another happy client with Code 3 Medical Services after teaching some advanced reality based industrial rescue medicine in Montana.  Training professionals to be the best at their craft of saving lives. Having just completed two weeks of reality based training for a fortune 500 company during a pandemic because accidents still happen. Making a difference […]

PPE Gloves 101 & Covid-19

PPE gloves

With the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, I see WAY TOO MANY people wearing gloves thinking they are protecting themselves. When in all actuality, they are increasing their chances of contaminating not only themselves, but cross contaminating so many other things which could increase their exposure. So with companies getting back to normal and some “requiring” gloves, […]

Code 3 Medical Services one and only EMR Class

Emergency Medical Rescue

Only course like it in North America geared towards industry.  Code 3 Medical Services LLC EMR course aboard the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge. Week 3 of 4 for an industrial client. This one of a kind class combines rescue tactics with medical in a comprehensive performance review class that illustrates the importance of not […]

Our client takes 5th in the GRIMP International Rope Rescue Challenge

2019 GRIMP International Competition

Way to go ExxonMobil! Taking 5th place in your first 2019 GRIMP International Rescue Competition AND being the first ever Industrial rescue team is something to be proud of. Great job guys! Proud to be here to witness their success and that our quality of training helped you to the level of success that few […]

Elevating our clients to compete with the best in the world

Practicing for the GRIMP competition

What is the potential of your rescue teams and emergency response teams when you have Code 3 Medical Services LLC conduct regular training? You get examples like this. One of our clients are 1 of 10 international teams worldwide to be chosen to compete in the prestigious GRIMP competition. Not only are they 1 of […]

First Responder Considerations for the Aging Workforce

Medical issues and the aging workforce

After 30 years of riding a fire truck and ambulance, I can tell you that treating younger adults versus older adults (55+ years old) presents various challenges to patient treatment during trauma or medical emergencies. In this article I want to cover some things to keep in mind when presented with situations that require emergency […]

Code 3 Medical Services supporting the Brotherhood of Heroes Foundation

Code 3 Medical Services and Brotherhood of Heroes Foundation

What does the foundation do when a brother firefighter has a medical emergency and spends the days leading up to Christmas in the hospital? You stop by to make the holidays a little better for him and the family. The Brotherhood of Heroes Foundation was started by Code 3 Medical Services as a non profit […]

New Treatment Ideas for Suspension & Fall Trauma

Suspension trauma

Something we have been working on and researching further for our industry clients pertaining to fall and suspension trauma. We have been testing and advancing potential treatment options that increase survivability when it comes to these types of injuries. Here is a great article with JEM’s that discusses some important aspects related to patient over […]